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13.0 Payments


13.03 Once a booking has been made, you will receive a booking confirmation and payment invoice. All booking confirmations are subject to payment being received within 24 Hours of booking confirmation being sent to the client via email.

13.04 All payment requests requested by Landmark Residential Inventory Ltd are made by either bank transfer or payment gateways. We do not store any payment details or have access to sensitive details.

13.05 We use a payment gateway, SagePay or similar to send invoices, so any data sent via these gateways is not in our parameter of responsibility, none of this information is visible or sent to us except the final payment requested.

13.06 We will not be held liable for any errors or data breaches on the site of these external payment gateways and advice it is your responsibility to keep all your payments details secure and confidential.

13.07 All payments must be made prior to the confirmed booking date.

13.08 We will not release reports until the payment has been made in full by the person who has made the booking or who has accepted responsibility with us / landlord for the payment in our bank account.


14.0 Cancellation and refund Policy

14.01 A full refund will be given providing we are advised via email that the booked appointment is cancelled 24 hours in advance of the booking.

14.02 A cancellation charge of 25% will be deducted for booked appointments cancelled within 24hrs.

14.03 No cancellation charges up to 24 hours’ notice by telephone or email.

Cancellation within 24 hours - charge of 25% of invoice

14.04 If we are unable to have access to property at agreed appointment date and time, contractors still on-site causing delays in inspections or tenant / landlord not present at agreed time, either will be charged

15.0 Access


15.01 In the event a Landmark Inventory representative attends an appointment as commissioned by an instructing principle and/or client and the service cannot be carried out, whether or not this is due to circumstances beyond the instructing principle and/or client control, Landmark Residential Inventory Ltd reserve the right to charge an abortive fee at a rate of 25% of the full invoice amount.

15.02 Please ensure the cleaning, any trade work is completed before your booking appointment.

15.03 Please ensure tenant has already moved his goods and belongings out and the cleaning is complete before a Check Out is carried out or an abortive fee of 25% will apply.


16.0 Prices:


16.01 Our prices are as seen on our website unless agreed otherwise and subject to change annually.

16.02 Our prices are based on average sizes per category, but are subject to change if the property exceeds the average square feet size for its category.

16.03 In this circumstance we may provide a quotation which is greater than the prices advertised on our website based on additional time needed on inspections, our typing, and administration.

16.04 If we are informed the property size by the tenant, agent and landlord and quote a price prior to inspection, this is subject to the description being accurate and additional charges as outlined above will be added if the description is vague and not accurate as per the additional room rates stated above or the overall size of the property exceeds the national average for its category.

Additional terms and conditions are also noted in our pricing page.

Please discuss prices prior to booking for a more accurate rate.

17.0 Bookings through Agents:


17.01 We have increased prices agreed with some Estate agents from our standard website prices.

As agreed with the agents we provide some of the following additional services:


-  More detailed reports to our standard website reports, including more photos, bespoke reports, resulting in longer inspection times

-  Preferential booking services with prioritised dates and times

-  Out of hours inspections

-  Re scheduling priority services with no cancellation charges

-  Maintenance summaries / alerts for managed properties

-  More detailed Health and Safety checks

-  Managing keys out of hours

-  Facilitating / co-ordinating with external contractors to schedule inspections.


18.0 Reports:


18.01 All reports are provided in PDF softcopy only.

18.02 We do not provide hardcopies under any circumstances as our prices reflect our low cost policy.

18.03 All tenants, landlord, agents have 7 days to request amendments after the report has been issued to any party. This time period can vary if agreed in advance due to circumstances, but this needs to be brought to our attention during this 7 day period or prior to the confirmed appointment date.

18.04 It is the responsibility of the landlord, agent and tenant to ensure the report is signed once the 7 days elapses following receipt of the report by all parties. We do not take responsibility if the report is not signed by either or all parties.

18.05 All meters and utilities will be noted, however if they are not clearly labelled or we are not advised in advance, or we cannot access meters, we are not liable for any loss of earnings, damages. It is the responsibility of the landlord, tenant and agent to provide us meter readings within the 7 day period if we are unable to access them.

18.06 It is the responsibility of the landlord/managing agent/tenant to check all reports, and Landmark Inventory will not be held liable for any differences, unless notified within a 7-day period from receipt of the report.

18.07 The clerk preparing the inventory is not an expert in antiques, furniture style, fabrics etc. All descriptions within this report are for identification purposes only in order that each item can be compared to its condition at the commencement of the tenancy.

18.08 We do not undertake to move heavy items of furniture or access lofts, high-level cupboards /lofts or any other inaccessible places. Contents which have been left in the above-mentioned areas, which have not been inventoried, are the sole responsibility on the landlord.

If you have any questions relating to the above, please contact us for more information